Memory Cards for Digital SLR & Mirrorless Cameras

Memory Cards for Digital SLR & Mirrorless Cameras

Most digital slr cameras on the market today use SD, SDHC or compactflash cards. Sony has recently begun using SD & SDHC cards on their digital SLRs in addition to their own Memory Stick Pro Duo & Pro-HG Duo cards. With the increase in sensor resolutions and the increasing availability of video on digital SLR cameras, memory cards have kept pace by increasing read / write speeds together with higher capacities.

SDXC memory cards have recently entered the market as a replacement for SDHC cards. SDXC cards will provide better performance and higher capacities than SDHC cards and over time, SDXC cards have the capability to reach 2 terabytes in a form factor similar in size to current SDHC cards. Currently only a few digital SLR cameras accept SDXC cards but this will change over the coming year.

Memory cards vary in speed, capacity and price. For instance a 16gb card may be available from the same manuafacturer in varying speeds such as class 4, class 6 and class 10. A class 4 SDHC card is capable of recording data at 4 MBps while a class 10 card can reach speeds of 10 MBps.

With the rapid increase in pixels over recent year, many new cameras now come with 16mb or higher sensors resulting in large file sizes. Semi professional and professional cameras have higher demands and require the fastest cards available in order to shoot large RAW files or a combination of RAW and jpeg files rapidly without the camera slowing down from either a small buffer or slow memory card.

Although SD and SDHC cards are the most popular choice for camera manufacturers at the current time, some cameras still use compactflash or less popular formats such as the XD memory card which was co-developed by Fujifilm and Olympus. Always check the specification for your camera to find out the type of memory card which is compatible. When buying a memory card, prices are often cheaper online. Next, decide what speed is necessary for your type of photography. If you are a professional, the fastest high speed cards will be essential whether your area is fashion photography, sport, family, wedding, corporate or studio photography in general. Cards for professionals should be reliable, have a large capacity such as 64gb or higher and be class 10 or higher. For most beginners or intermediate level photographers, a class 4 or class 6 memory card will cope with most types of photography as well as 1080p full high definition video.