Best Digital SLR and Mirrorless Cameras

Best Digital SLR & Mirrorless Cameras

The best digital SLR and mirrorless cameras are listed under the beginner, intermediate and advanced sections. Competition between the major digital SLR camera makers is intensifying with newer DSLR companies such as Sony and Panasonic fighting for a bigger market share.

The market for digital SLR cameras has changed dramatically since the introduction of mirrorless cameras.

Digital SLR sales have declined over recent years due to competition from compact system cameras as well as from smart phones with high pixel cameras built in and other devices with built in cameras such as tablet PCs. To maintain or increase sales of digital SLR cameras, manufacturers such as Nikon, Canon and Sony have moved towards more sophisticated cameras with full frame sensors which are capable of producing the highest quality images.

The list of best selling digital SLR cameras in the table opposite will be updated regularly as new digital SLRs are released onto the market. With the current competitive DSLR market, there has never been a better time to buy a new digital SLR camera with low prices on many cameras and lenses.

A more recent trend has seen the introduction of high definition video on digital SLR cameras over recent years offering a variety of settings and accessories such as external microphones. This has provided both amateur and professional film makers with the tools necessary to produce high quality professional films. With the recent introduction of 4K video, this trend is set to continue to a higher level with 4k video offering 4 times the resolution of full high definition video.